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We are working hard to bring to you an application that is easy to use and feature rich.
MyFishingLog.net is being developed by anglers for anglers. It provides an easy-to-use interface for logging the details of your fishing trips and catches.

    Track Fishing Trips

  • Record unlimited number of locations, type of trips, notes.
  • Number of catches, fish caught, bait and rigs used.
  • Catch GPS locations and details.

  • Track Catches

  • Log catches associated with fishing trips.
  • Fish caught, rig, bait used, water and weather conditions and moon phase.
  • Catch GPS locations and details.

  • Personal Catalogues

  • The system is pre-loaded with the most common species. You can add your personal favourites.
  • Create your bait catalogue, determine which work best.
  • Defining your rigs allows you to track what fish were caught with each rig.

Web App

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  • Record Trip
  • Record Locations
  • Create Fishing Journal
  • Track Catches
  • Mark Catch Location
  • Track Catch Type
  • Track Bait type
  • Track Rig type
  • Track Tides
  • Track Water Temperature
  • Track Water Type
  • Track Water Clarity
  • Track Catch Depth
  • Track Catch type
  • Track Catch Length
  • Track Catch Weight
  • Capture Catch Photo
  • Capture Trip Photos
  • Create Photo Galleries
  • Track Moon Phase
  • Track Wind Direction
  • Track Wind Speed
  • Track Barometric Pressure
  • Track Humidity
  • View Fishing Reports
  • Find Charters in your area
  • Analyse Catch History
  • Catch Maps
  • Trip Maps
  • Create Fishing Reports
  • Certify Catches
  • Join Clubs
  • Join Tournaments
  • View Club Member Stats
  • View Tournament Stats
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Charter Captain
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Bait Shops
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Mobile applications are under development for both Android and iOS.

You will have access to all your recorded data, pictures, catch GPS locations, maps and more.


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